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Dental FraudBuster 003 • What reports to ask for and keep off-site.

Dental FraudBuster 003 • What reports to ask for and keep off-site.

10/25/2019 4:04:43 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 86

FraudBuster! Frequency: Do every working day

Each working day obtain copies of the reports described below. These reports can be printed on paper or as a PDF file.

strongly recommend that you examine each report to look for errors, omissions or things that do not make sense. At a minimum, you should glance through each report to your satisfaction.

However, the purpose of this 5-minute FraudBuster! is to really ensure that you have offsite copies of essential reports in the event you need them for auditing or other purposes.

IMPORTANT: If you ask staff to provide these reports, be sure to check the report date to ensure the reports you are provided with were generated from the software on the same day. 

Do not store the reports in your office or keep them on a computer in your office.    The purpose is to keep these reports off-site in the event they are ever needed.

Each working day, obtain:   

    • A “day end” report which includes a listing of all charges, payments and adjustments recorded that day.  IMPORTANT: Obtain a day end report by “Procedure Date” and another by “Entry Date”. The entry date report will show if a transaction was recorded for a past or future date. Back-dated or future-dated entries require an explanation        
    • A daily schedule report listing the appointment for all patients seen that day.    
    • A bank deposit report generated by your practice management software. If your software is configured to use Primary and Secondary deposits, then obtain a copy of each report  
    • A copy of your Merchant service closing batch summary report. This is a single listing of all the credit and debit card payments (and refunds) your office processed.
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