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Healthy Teeth Are a Must as a Singer

Healthy Teeth Are a Must as a Singer

1/23/2020 1:48:29 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 30

When it comes to having a beautiful singing voice, it really boils down to two separate attributes. The first attribute is attainable by anyone, which is proper singing practice. Great singers are not born overnight. While a person might be born with a natural inclination to become a good singer, they will have to practice for hundreds or even thousands of hours before they become pitch-perfect. The second attribute that a good singer must have is genetic luck. Having the proper genetic oral features such as teeth alignment, jaw structure, breath capacity, and other genetic features weighs heavily into what makes a good singer.

Teeth and a Person's Singing Voice

Contrary to what some people might tell you, having healthy teeth is an absolute must for anyone that wants to have a great singing voice. A lot of singing has to do with airflow through the mouth. Part of training to have perfect pitch is to adjust your singing techniques and vocal pronunciation in accordance with the overall structure of your teeth. A person with huge tooth gaps or missing teeth will generally have too much airflow through these oral spaces, making it very difficult to hit certain notes.

What Constitutes Healthy Teeth?

When it comes to having healthy teeth that are conducive to cultivating a great singing voice, the standards might be different than what you expect. As anyone with a masters in music education online will tell you, your teeth must be structurally healthy to sing. That does not mean that your teeth need to be perfectly straight or white, or otherwise aesthetically pleasing. While having a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing smile can absolutely propel a person's singing career forward, the structure of a person's teeth is what matters the most.

Can a Great Singer Have Crooked or Malformed Teeth?

A great singer can absolutely have crooked or malformed teeth, so long as they are healthy. Tooth rot, huge gaps, and cracked or broken teeth will cause a singer's pitch form to move around in accordance with changing oral airflow. Crooked or malformed teeth, however, can still offer singers a great percussionary oral environment conducive to learning and maintaining the perfect vocal pitch. Practicing singing is all about learning to push airflow consistently through the mouth in a steady, stable, and repetitive manner.

Who is The Most Famous Singer With Odd Teeth?

The legendary singer and lead vocal artist behind the band Queen, Freddie Mercury, is well known for having an extremely bad overbite. Freddie's overbite was so bad that most orthodontists in this day and age would strongly encourage him to get surgical reconstructive surgery to reduce his overbite's prominence. Thankfully, Freddie didn't bother to get it fixed and instead learned how to sing beautifully with it. While his bite was extremely bad, most experts could easily recognize that his teeth were healthy and intact.

Tooth Gaps Will Narrow a Singer's Range

The greater airflow control and vocal percussion that a singer has the greater the vocal range will be. When a singer changes the movements of their mouth and regulates their airflow passing through their oral cavity, it changes the pitch and vocal spectrum. If a person has wide gaps and spaces in their teeth then it will lessen the percussion within the mouth and ultimately narrow the singer's vocal range. In other words, the singer won't be able to hit the full range of vocal notes that a person with healthy teeth would be able to.

Thankfully Bad Teeth Can be Fixed

If an aspiring singer has teeth that are so bad that the problem is inhibiting them from singing properly, then thankfully there are dental procedures that can be undertaken in order to correct the problem. Missing teeth, badly decayed teeth, or large tooth gaps can all be corrected through modern dental procedures. Once a singer's teeth are healthy again they can get back to possessing proper airflow control and inevitably a pitch-perfect voice.
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