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How To Provide The Best Security For Your Dental Office Records

How To Provide The Best Security For Your Dental Office Records

1/30/2020 7:19:22 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 23

When you need to protect your dental records, you must create a system that is easy to use. You should work with a company that can provide you with the best security monitoring, and you can use a cloud-based system that is easy to protect against hackers. Use the steps below to create the best security system for your dental records.

Use A Cloud-Based System

You should use a cloud-based system to prevent any cyberthreat from entering your dental records. You are bound under federal law to protect the privacy of your patients, and a cloud-based system allows you to create passwords for each folder or document. Plus, you can purchase security protection for the cloud as a whole.

The cloud can be accessed from any mobile device that you use in the office, or you could access the cloud on the desktops you have stationed throughout the office. Also, you must take a look at the security plan and who monitors your cloud. That company should send you alerts if there are any problems, and they should upgrade your software every time a new virus or malware program becomes a problem worldwide.

Eliminate Paper Copies

You may have paper copies of the records that you have kept for the office. If this is the case, you should destroy these paper copies to protect your patients. Some services can do this for you, and they will help you get rid of any old records that should not leave your office.

Use A Secure Wifi Network

You must use security software to manage the wifi network in your office. Wifi is a good way to give your patients something to do in the waiting room, and wifi will help you power all the mobile devices in the office. However, hackers can access your public wifi if they know what they are doing. You must use wifi security software that will protect you from any hacking attacks.

You can order special software that connects to your router, or you could get a business account from your ISP that offers the highest level of protection.

Use Endpoint Security Software For Your Machines

You must have endpoint security software installed on every machine. The software will prevent any viruses from infecting that machine. If you are not using endpoint software, hackers can access that machine. The machine could start infecting the rest of the system, and the hacker can continually use that machine to cause damage throughout your network.

Use Auto-Save When Managing Records

The program that you use to manage your patient’s records should be set to auto-save at all times. You will not lose changes when something happens to your machine, and these same programs tend to save every version of the file. If you believe someone has tampered with the file, you can go back to previous versions. Plus, you can go back to previous versions of the file if it is someone wiped clean.

Turn Off The Machines At Night

You must shut down all the electronics in your office when you leave for the day. When you shut down these devices, no one can access them from another location. Plus, you do not want your wifi signal to invite hackers who might sit outside your office. They can use your wifi, get into your system, and you will never know.

When you are trying to protect the records in your dental office, you can use all the tips above to get the possible results. You can use security software to protect your wifi connection, your devices, and the cloud where the data is stored. If you have invested in security software, you can prevent hackers from accessing patient records. Plus, you can get rid of all the documents that you no longer need. Purge your paper copies, delete records after seven years, and consult with a security firm if you suspect there are problems.

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