OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Made Easy
OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Made Easy
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Train Your Employees For Free During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Train Your Employees For Free During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

3/19/2020 10:26:52 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 126

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many companies are recommending that employees work remotely.  While many people think working from home is easier, there are many cons that may affect a company’s bottom line.  One of these cons is keeping employees up to date with training.

 Training is recommended by many experts to increase the productivity of employees.  When an employee has been trained properly, they’re able to complete their assigned tasks efficiently and with fewer mistakes. The success of any company is defined by the productivity and engagement of its employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee productivity is an assessment of the effectiveness and productivity of a worker or group of workers. 

Smart companies intend to stabilize a certain amount of capital for the training of employees and that's one of the main reasons that they will remain at the top.

Here are a few ways that training will help you stay productive while working from home and how it will help you to catch up quickly once you return to work:

  • Find New Skills: Commonly employees find new interests and skills through training. Employees appreciate when a company gives them the opportunity and support for self-growth and advancement.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Employees appreciate when companies provide the training courses for their growth and development purposes. Many employees see this as an additional benefit for their advantage.
  • Help Sharpen Skills: A simple and informal training course can be very helpful for your employees to enhance their skills and be more confident in their area of work. Also, a training course can help you restore former capabilities.
  • Reduce Employee Turnover Costs: If an employee is not satisfied or not enjoying the work they are doing, the odds of turnover increase. Providing proper training courses could help to increase employee satisfaction levels, which can reduce the chances of them leaving.

Smart Training wants to help businesses keep their employees productive which is why we’re offering the following training package free of charge. This package includes our regularly updated Coronavirus (COVID-19) training and our most popular OSHA and HIPAA compliance courses as follows:

  1. Infection Control
  3. Dental Bloodborne Pathogens & Sharps Safety (OSHA required)
  5. Dental Office Safety (OSHA required)
  7. Dental Back Safety (OSHA required)
  9. What's Required for OSHA
  11. HIPAA 101 (HIPAA required)
  13. Email Etiquette
  15. Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Dental Workplace
  17. Protecting Your Dentist’s Time

Additionally, you can create your own training courses specific to your company and assign them to your employees.  Using our system, you can track each employee’s progress, create quiz questions to ensure comprehension, and provide certificates of completion with the push of a button.  You’ll have access to our system and training for an entire year. 

We hope this offer will help keep your employees productive and safe. 

Get started training by clicking here.


Start training smarter today!

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