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4 Ways to Grow Your Healthcare Brand

4 Ways to Grow Your Healthcare Brand

3/26/2020 2:35:04 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 10

Whether you're a doctor or a vendor for healthcare providers, you want to grow your brand, attract new customers and generate more revenue. Digital marketing is a great way to do this because more and more people are going online to look for health information. In fact, according to Google Health Vice President David Feinberg, MD, Google's total daily health-related searches amount to 70,000 each minute. That's why healthcare brands should be leveraging the power of digital marketing to achieve growth and build awareness. There are multiple ways to do this.

Get More Positive Reviews

One of the most obvious ways to grow your healthcare brand is to show potential customers that you offer exceptional experiences. For example, if you're a pediatrician, you want parents to leave glowing reviews about how your practice provided the best possible care to their children. This will show other parents that you're great at what you do and dedicate your life to helping children achieve and maintain good health. Perhaps you sell a holistic supplement, like morning complete that offers natural treatment for anxiety. Positive reviews can show how well it worked to treat a customer's problems.

If you own a hospital, you want potential patients to see how great your staff have been to sick patients. One creative way to do this is through storytelling. For example, imagine that you received a patient who had a rare form of cancer with a bad prognosis. Perhaps, against all odds, your medical staff, including doctors and surgeons helped that patient achieve a miraculous recovery. 

You could ask that patient to share their experience through a video you'll post to your website. This is something you want to share with the world, something you want your potential patients to see. Giving others hope is a great way to build trust and get patients to put their health in your hands. 

Curate Relevant Content

Because so many people are using the web to get health information, it makes sense to curate content around certain health topics. Instead of trying to sell your services to your audience, you should be creating content that's helpful and valuable to them. For example, if you're a gastroenterologist, instead of trying to get patients to come into your office for an exam, first give them information about different digestive problems. You might write a post on the symptoms of Chron's disease. You may also consider creating a video showing how and why stomach ulcers form. These are just some examples of ways you can educate your audience about certain medical issues.

Once they've consumed your content, you can then recommend the best course of action. For example, if they're showing symptoms of a certain illness, you might add a call-to-action (CTA) that says schedule an appointment. 

Create Products and Packages

Patients can more easily understand and appreciate benefit-driven "products" versus less tangible “health-aware” concepts. For example, it's great to offer content about how to lose weight, but the effect would be even more significant if you productized weight loss as a program or package. This could be as simple as selling an e-book or offering a physical evaluation, hypertension screening, BMI, nutrition or other services.

These products and packages make the benefit seem more tangible to patients. As a result, they'll get a more memorable experience from your healthcare brand. They'll also be more likely to go to you again if they need more services.

Start an Email Newsletter

Another great way to grow your healthcare brand is to attract potential patients to your website. To do this, you can start an email newsletter and deliver relevant health and wellness content that features expert perspectives from your physicians and other clinical leaders to build awareness. This will differentiate your brand from competitors. To grow your healthcare business, you need to build trust with potential customers. With trust, you can go a long way in getting business.

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