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dentistry unplugged
Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been involved in every aspect of the business of dentistry. From owning a dental supply house to starting a scratch dental clinic. Operations, marketing to managment and investment.
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We need Dental Health care team NOW more than ever!!

4/17/2020 10:36:32 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 14
"If someone offers you an opportunity, and you are not sure if you can do it, say yes then learn HOW to do it later"
~Richard Branson

It wasn't until the BRONZE AGE before the wheel was invented! You thought it was a caveman!  Mankind was already casting metal alloys, constructing canals and sail boats, and even designed complex instruments like the harp....all before someone figured out how to connect a stable, stationary platform to a cylinder rolling on its edge!

Someone recognized an opportunity!

Think of how this idea spread and changed the world as we know it! Brilliant!

(At this point, you will have to "click" on a link to go further.  I am not selling anything, just sharing ideas.  As a matter of fact I wrote blogs on the "click and bait" techniques...but I promise. You don't have to buy anything. Sign on for anything.  I'm a cotton roll guy "salesman" for a big supplier that has 36 years in this industry "everything dental" you can imagine!)

These blogs take a lot of time and effort and they don't "cut and paste" well here so if you want more please check out my website below..

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