dentistry unplugged
dentistry unplugged
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How Dentistry can get back to work....

4/17/2020 10:55:28 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 62

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I definitely need you now more than ever.  My extended family.

Karen has had enough of my cabin fever craziness.  My colleagues have heard enough. 

My DOGS have heard enough!

I am sure they wonder why they have to listen to ME TALK all day long, but the moment they start to bark I tell them to “Be Quiet!”….


I contend that in order to be released from this isolation prison and get back to some semblance of normality, it will take proactive thinking.  Here are my thoughts. Maybe it’s got merit, maybe you have a better idea? I already know from 36 years in this business that there are WAAAAY smarter people than myself out there!

Here goes...

#1 – What if DENTISTS were doing Covid testing?

#2 – What is the effect of using Poviodine in our water bottles that dispense the fluid to our drills on the aerosol? Would it reduce the viral burden of the aerosol right at the source?  My white paper had Hypochlorous acid – which is a great biofilm remover, but to be effective as a disinfectant needs to be in a stronger dose that wouldn’t be safe for human consumption IMHO.

#3 – What if we use the already regulated methods in IPC to reduce aerosols by 80-90% chairside while using proper isolation techniques….

#4 – What if we further ENHANCE a reduction using an EXTRAORAL device? A device that is already licensed for sale and available in a reasonable time? I've seen a Half dozen at least! is a good example of something you can order today...

#5 – PPE.  Its MY OPINION that opening dentistry without a SECURE supply chain would not work.  I believe that the proactive offices may be able to set an example of how we can learn to work in this new environment.  Part of opening elective treatment is securing a PROVEN supply chain.  This could be a mathematical thing, it could be a limited thing…one way or another I believe we will not need to compete for masks, gowns, caps, sanitizer, disinfectants or gloves.  They will be mathematically available as we roll open. 

Based on the above, and with YOUR input and the help of public health can we find some solutions?

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