dentistry unplugged
dentistry unplugged
Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been involved in every aspect of the business of dentistry. From owning a dental supply house to starting a scratch dental clinic. Operations, marketing to managment and investment.
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Why Dentistry will NEVER EVER shut again....let's do this!

4/24/2020 5:16:48 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 31

I have a bold statement.  Dentists could help prevent a pandemic, and ensure the safety of future generations.  Dentists will NEVER close again!

Go ahead and be critical.  Tell me how ridiculous this is.  Look for all the reasons it won't work.  

My entire 36 years in this business, I have been surrounded by people much smarter than I am.  As a matter of fact, it's not just Dentistry.  I have met these people all throughout life.  It's my purpose in life to recognize the skill and talent of every person I meet.  What I have realized is my talent isn't necessarily having the right idea at the right time - it's the blessing of knowing so many people!  

This is why I KNOW the idea will work.  This plan involves YOU.  We are all one degree away from this and already know and trust the people who can make this work...and as a world we will come together to help this work....

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