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3 Important Reasons to Brush Your Teeth Daily

3 Important Reasons to Brush Your Teeth Daily

6/10/2020 2:42:24 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 19

Dental health tends to be a topic that is avoided unless you are planning a trip to the dentist, but dental health is one of the most important things to keep track of. A healthy mouth can dramatically improve your overall health and help you out in ways that you might not expect. Here are three reasons that may help you brush your teeth more regularly.

Heart Health

A healthy mouth makes for a healthy heart. Dentists everywhere preach this, but many people do not really listen to their advice. There have been many studies that show gum health is related to heart health, and gum health is directly related to how often you brush your teeth. 

It may not immediately make sense to some people how gum disease can lead to heart disease, but the link is actually fairly simple. Gum disease is often attributed to bacteria infestation of the mouth. Much of this bacteria can be removed by brushing your teeth regularly. However, when you don't brush regularly, the bacteria accumulates and spreads. This leads to higher inflammation throughout the body, which often leads to heart problems. Basically, a dirty mouth transfers inflammation throughout the body which puts your heart at risk. 

It goes without saying that you should try to keep your heart healthy. The link between heart disease and brushing your teeth may be the most important reason to keep up on your brushing, as the implications of failing to do so may be lethal.

Weight Loss

Obesity continues to be a problem across the developed world leading to large amounts of deaths. But even if you are not obese, you can still reap the cosmetic benefits of weight loss. What many people do not realize is that brushing your teeth may actually be tied to losing weight. 

When you brush your teeth, your brain believes that you are done eating. This helps people with portion control, which is one of the best ways to lose weight. Of course, brushing your teeth does not stop you from continuing to eat, but it does discourage it. The taste of toothpaste often lingers in your mouth and can negatively affect other flavors. If you have ever been disgusted by a glass of orange juice after brushing, you've experienced this firsthand. Brushing your teeth may not guarantee weight loss, but by signaling to your brain that you are done eating and changing the way food tastes, it can definitely give you a nudge that pushes you towards portion control and weight loss.

In addition to these tips, products like hormone balance supplements can significantly aid in fat loss. They provide you with energy and help with mood swings and deep sleep as well. 

Healthy Pregnancies

For many parents, there is nothing in the world more important than the health and wellbeing of their children. However, if you do not regularly brush your teeth while pregnant, you may be putting your child at risk. Studies show that gum disease may be linked to premature birth and low weight at the time of birth. Premature births and low body weights can lead to many health problems for the child. Their entire development could be stunted as a result of this. Simply put, not brushing your teeth for nine months during pregnancy could put your child's entire future at risk. 

The Bottom Line

Brushing your teeth is incredibly important for countless reasons. Poor oral health has a host of ramifications that many people do not think about. Dentists everywhere recommend regular brushing to help your overall health. If you do not choose to regularly brush, you put yourself at greater risk of heart problems, obesity, and premature birth if pregnant, so make sure you're keeping up on your oral health.

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