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Foods to Avoid If You Want a Bright and Healthy Smile

Foods to Avoid If You Want a Bright and Healthy Smile

7/20/2020 7:40:10 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 29


Our smiles can be some of the most beautiful features that we have, and we must give them the care that they need. Proper dental care means cleaning them correctly and protecting them from potentially harmful chemicals. While we may realize that certain food can trigger sensitivity in our teeth, we may be unaware of what those dangerous foods are. Consider avoiding these foods if you want a beautiful and well-maintained smile.

Post-Workout Foods and Drinks

After a workout, it is key to get nutrients back into the body that can help us refuel. Many of the foods and drinks that we consume after workouts may actually be filled with additives, sugars and other ingredients that we don’t need and instead provide us with an excess of sugar that can harm our teeth. Opt for a healthy isolate protein powder instead of a sugary protein shake. That way you’ll get the benefits without the damage.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are another harmful product that many adults consume but may have difficulty straying away from. Caffeine often plays a key role in keeping us alert and awake, but the ill effects that coffee and tea can have on our grins can be surprising. Not only does the acid from these caffeinated beverages lead to the disintegration of our enamel, but it also can hurt your gums and stain your teeth. Instead of caffeine, try getting a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as dehydration can also lead you to feelings of fatigue.


Much like coffee and tea, soda is another beverage that can wreak havoc on your teeth. The combination of the carbonation with the sugar is the perfect storm of harm for your mouth. Even diet sodas can do damage, so avoid sodas at all costs.

Citrus Fruits

While sour tastes can be very pleasing for some people, the sour taste of citrus fruits like lemons and limes can be incredibly dangerous to our beautiful smiles. While it can be amusing to watch children bite into lemons, don’t encourage this behavior, as it can breakdown the enamel in your mouth.

Pickled Foods

Common factor among many of these items is the level of acid and sugar that is in them. This key ingredient plays a huge role in the health of your mouth. Acidic agents in foods like pickled foods are often what gives these foods this type of taste. The acid in these foods plays a huge role in the tart taste that you experience and gives you the pickle taste and can lead to tooth decay, not to mention their added sugar content.

Sugar-Filled Snacks

This may seem obvious, but anything that is filled with sugar will be hurtful to your enamel. While the satisfaction of a delicious treat may bring a smile to your face, with prolonged consumption, you may find yourself grimacing from the damage that it can produce. This is why it is critical to avoid sour and chewy candy, both of which offer no benefit, but can cause a significant amount of destruction to your teeth. Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth with sugarless gum or fruit for dessert instead of candy.

Not Just Food

Foods are not the only thing that can affect the health of your teeth. A key factor in dental health is often stress. Pressure can cause us to clench our jaws and bite down, and when this tension builds it can take root during our sleep. This can lead to grinding our teeth at night, and play a huge role in your health, particularly if this is over a long period. Continued grinding can lead to wearing down teeth, cracked or chipped teeth or even exposed nerves.

Maintaining the health of our mouths is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as we only get one mouth and one set of adult teeth. While some damage can be fixed, it is better to work proactively to maintain a beautiful smile through proper dental care and a balanced diet. Take an active stance in your dental health and make sure that your pearly whites are protected.

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