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In an effort to help California Townies stay up-to-date and informed regarding current Cali-COVID updates, let us help you connect with an  important announcement from California Dental Association (and your Governor’s office), regarding Healthcare Professionals and Vaccination Requirements.  Please read the announcement below.   On July 26, 2021, the California Dental Association published an announcement referencing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s newest public health order, regarding Mandatory Vaccination Policies which relates to healthcare settings.

If you have not yet seen the Policy or the CDA’s announcement, you can reference it here:  Health care workers must show proof of vaccination or submit to regular testing

This mandate supports efforts, to help slow the spread of the delta variant California issued this order requiring all health care workers in the state to either show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or be tested regularly.

Dental offices and dental office staff are included in the order. Dentist employers must verify that their workers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Dental staff who are not fully vaccinated or who cannot show proof-of-vaccination must be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing.  These employees will be required to wear surgical masks, (at minimum-in non-clinical healthcare environment) and maintain the use of respirators in the aerosol clinical environment. 

CDA is working with state officials to clarify the requirements for dental practices, including how COVID-19 testing will be conducted and who will pay for it.  The statewide policy will take effect Monday, Aug. 9, with full compliance required by Aug. 23. 

Did you find this COVID update to be cool & captivating?  If so, please know, that the Dental Enhancements compliance team is here as your resource, should you desire to implement a comprehensive OSHA & HIPAA program at your dental office. 

We’ve got you California! 
Roll with us! 

For more information or guidance contact us:

Dental Enhancements, Inc., 

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