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Quick Tips for the Front Office

Quick Tips for the Front Office

3/1/2023 7:47:38 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 116

This episode is specifically for the person greeting patients and answering the phones at the front desk. Some new team members need to know and master the basics, so if you have new team members, this episode is basically a “mandatory listen” as part of their training. 

We discuss these four essential tips:    

1) Be familiar with basic information about the practice and doctor. How long has the doctor been practicing? Know the website & office address.

2) Greeting and Checking in patients. Have the front office understand and know it’s their responsibility to know who's on the schedule before they arrive, just like you would for a guest in your home. 

3) Do patient information updates! Make sure you update patient information each time the patient comes in.

4) Patients are guests in your office. Always say goodbye as they are leaving.    

Sandy dives deeper into each tip and how to implement it successfully

Click on the link below to listen to this episode.

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