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#162 – (Sales Control™ “Closing More Internet Leads “ Series) BONUS Episode #1) The Single BEST Script for Transitioning from Your Pitch Into The Closing Sequence
LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON iTunes - CLICK HERE Today you’ll get the perfect script for transitioning from your pitch into your closing sequence.  But before I give you the script, I’m going to tell you what “NOT” to say.  I hear business owners (and their teams) across the country using this...  Read More
#161 - (8 of 8) Introducing The Benefit Tie down Framework - The Technique for Seamlessly Transitioning Into Your Closing Sequence
The benefit tiedown framework, the ultimate technique for seamlessly transitioning into your closing sequence.  Virtually everyone sells features when pitching internet leads. The benefit tiedown framework, the ultimate technique for seamlessly transitioning into your closing sequence....  Read More
#160 – (7 of 8) Setting Up Your Phone Sales Closing Sequence with Internet Leads Using The Five Yeses Technique
Today we’re covering the Sales Control™ System “Five-Yeses” technique, and the success of this element is why digging deep is so important. This is why I told you to write down everything your lead tells you earlier in this process. So, all we’re doing with the “Five Yeses” technique is placing...  Read More
#159 – (6 of 8) Close More Sales By Identifying and Overcoming Objections BEFORE Your Lead Brings Them Up
One of the worst feelings you can have occurs when you’ve finished a killer sales pitch to a highly-qualified internet phone lead & then BAM! You’re blindsided by an objection that you didn't see coming like: “Thanks for your time but I need to think about it.” With Sales Control™ when you get to...  Read More
#156 – (5 of 8): How To Build Trust With Internet Leads In Two Simple Steps
When it comes to building trust with Internet leads, we’ve found that keeping it simple and focused is what works best. In fact, there are only 2-things you need to say in order to build enough trust with your lead to:             Get them mentally ready to buy, and             Ready to move...  Read More
#155 – (4 of 8) Convert More Internet Leads Into Clients, Customers and Patients By Digging Deep On Telephone Sales Presentations
LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON iTunes - CLICK HERE On today’s show I unveil the Sales Control™ technique that makes it virtually impossible for internet leads to say “NO” to your offer.  Amazingly, 35% - 50% of Internet leads go with the first company they talk to (after requesting information).  But...  Read More
#154 – (3 of 8): The MAGIC Formula for Converting More Internet Leads Into Paying Clients, Customers and Patients
On today’s show I unveil the Sales Control™ technique that makes it virtually impossible for internet leads to say “NO” to your offer.  Amazingly, 35% - 50% of Internet leads go with the first company they talk to (after requesting information).  But by gaining control of the call & in...  Read More
#152 - The PERFECT Telephone Sales Script You Can Use For A Fast Start To Every Internet Lead Sales Presentation
  Continuing where I left off in episode #151, today I’ll unveil the process for creating the perfect “first minute” on every call sales call with internet leads.  When you can do this right, it’s almost impossible to say no to someone who does their homework and respects you right outta the...  Read More
#151 - The Perfect Sales Presentation Phone Strategy for Internet Leads
This is one of the most effective sales scripts I’ve ever discovered for converting internet leads into paying clients, customers, and patients. It’s a cornerstone method that we use in the Sales Control™ System, and it’s specifically designed for use with offers that range between $297 and...  Read More
#150 – Three Character Traits Of The PERFECT “Talkers” For Your Word Of Mouth Marketing Program
For your word of mouth marketing program to be effective, you’ll need to enlist “Ideal Talkers.”   Identifying these individuals can be challenging, so to help you find & recruit them into your program quickly & easily, I’ve created a list of character traits that the perfect talker prospects...  Read More
#149 – (2 of 2): Jay Baer Author of “Talk Triggers” Reveals The Complete Guide To Creating Customer With Word Of Mouth
Word of mouth marketing has become one of the hottest new client acquisition strategies and people are relying on word of mouth (more than ever) when making buying decisions.  Yet fewer than 1% of companies have a strategy for generating these crucial customer conversations. Jay Baer reveals a...  Read More
#148 (1 of 2): Interview with Six-Time Best-Selling Author Jay Baer on His Newest Book "Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide To Creating Customers with Word of Mouth"
Jay Baer, CEO of “Convince and Convert” & 6-Time Best-Selling Author Talks about his latest runaway best-seller “Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide To Creating Customers with Word of Mouth” on this episode You’ll be delighted to know that Jay reveals several powerful word-of-mouth marketing...  Read More
#147 - How Can I Know If The T5 Word Of Mouth Marketing Framework Will Work For Me and My Brand? – An Introduction to the T5 Framework (with FREE PDF Worksheet)
The T5 word of mouth marketing plan framework introduction. In this series I’m giving you everything you’ll need to create an effective word of mouth marketing plan for your business.  Because your business is different, your plan needs to be customized and in order to build it correctly (using...  Read More
146 – 5 of 5 - T5 Word of Mouth Marketing Framework “Monitoring Online Chatter About You and Your Practice”
There are a phenomenal number of powerful (FREE) tools online that enable you to understand how word of mouth conversations travel online and allow you to follow what patients and prospects are saying about you online. Following and tracking what’s being said about you and your practice is...  Read More
145 - The T5 Framework - 4 of 5 – Getting Involved In Those Online Word Of Mouth Conversations About You and Your Practice
When you reach out to human beings with the intention of getting them to start talking about you and your practice (online and offline), they’re gonna expect you to join the conversation! I’m a conservative, but the “George W. Bush” method of handling word of mouth about you and your brand...  Read More
144 – Introducing The NEW “No Pressure Method For Converting Prospects Into Paying Patients … FAST!
In episode #142 I covered a compelling aspect of the Sales Control™ System where I revealed the most powerful Genetic Buying Trigger™ I’ve ever discovered - “Positive Expectancy.”  On today’s show I’m going to show you the NEW “No-Pressure” Method, which is hands down the most-effective method for...  Read More
143 - (3 of 5) Element #3 of the T5 Word Of Mouth Framework: “Listening To Online Conversations About You & Your Practice With FREE Monitoring Tools”
Even if your practice has the best story or compelling topic imaginable, it still requires more to make positive word of mouth spread. Dentists who are consistently (and successfully) using word of mouth make the biggest impact by providing the infrastructure that’s needed to help their messages...  Read More
142 - The #1 Reason You're Failing To Convert Prospects Into Paying Patients and How To Instantly Fix It
Every person who's been a Member in the  for more than a week ... knows that without a doubt ... The #1 reason you fail to convert prospects into paying patients is the failure to create positive expectancy in their minds.  What is positive expectancy anyway?  Simple: When your prospect hears...  Read More
141 - (2 of 5) Element #2 of the T5 Word of Mouth Marketing Framework – “To Generate Positive Word of Mouth, Give Them A Compelling Topic They Can Share Consistently and Easily”
Positive word of mouth that gets shared consistently and successfully begins with a message that’s spreadable.   The topic of your message has to contain one or more elements of innovation, passion, power, prestige, trust, or mystique.   Having said that, however, it doesn’t mean that spreadable...  Read More
140 (1 of 5) “How Can I Generate Even More Positive Word-Of-Mouth for My Practice?” Introducing The T5 Framework - #1 Talkers
If you’re like me and if you’re like the Members in the  online community, you know that positive word of mouth often occurs) by accident.   At other times it’s occurs as the result of a well-planned strategy.  In either case, there are five basic elements that positive word of mouth requires in...  Read More
139 (3 of 3) - How To Kill Positive Word Of Mouth:  Method #3 –  Forget Why People Talk About You
A WARNING FOR DENTISTS:  When Krispy Kreme first arrived they enjoyed rapid growth driven by positive word of mouth.  Their doughnuts were hard to get, fresh & in limited supply. Their amazing growth, however, instantly disappeared when they put their donuts (cold and stale) on store shelves...  Read More
Listen to 138 - (2 of 2): How Can I Increase My Brand's Online Footprint Quickly? - Interview and Blueprinting Session with Andy Young
On today’s episode, we’ll pick back up with part two of the interview and business building blueprinting session I began in episode #133 with Andy Young. Specifically on today’s episode, I’ll show Andy how to take his six-figure (part time) offline business and transform it into a mid-to-high...  Read More
137: (2 of 3) How To Kill Positive Word of Mouth Marketing For You and Your Brand (Method #2)
There’s an old Yogi Berra saying:  “Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded!”  Understanding why people engage in positive word of mouth reveals fact #2:  Overexposure kills the desire to share. This is one of the most obvious (but most overlooked aspects) of word of mouth.  If you want...  Read More
136 - How To Kill Positive Word Of Mouth About You and Your Practice
Offering clients “incentives to spread the word about you and your practice” is often a mistake.  Here's why: You can make them feel dirty if they're paid for it.  Some things in life should never have a price tag.  Things like friendship, favors and recommendations for a product or service. ...  Read More
135 - Reason #5 That Patients Engage In Positive Word Of Mouth Is Because It Helps Them Feel Connected To The Group
The desire to be a part of a group is one of the most powerful human emotions.  We want very badly to be connected.   Talking about products & services is one way we achieve that connection. Our clothes, our cars, where we shop and the Dentist we see are ways we show who we are.  We share a...  Read More
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