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Press Release – Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Healthcare Professionals
Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Healthcare Professionals  Over the last several weeks, Human Trafficking has found a place in the national spotlight and, as divided as we find ourselves in developing a solution to this horrific issue, the topic simply cannot be placed on a “back burner”...  Read More
Categories: Public Health
#44 - Indiana Jones and the Ancient Teeth
Indiana Jones is a well-renowned archaeologist and adventurer. On this episode, he joins the Star Wars School of Dentistry as a guest professor to discuss what can be learned from the teeth of our ancient ancestors. How do teeth give us insight into the dietary trends, age, and migration habits of...  Read More
#40 - Ewoks and Orthodontics
Ewoks were native to the Forest Moon of Endor and helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire. However, most Ewoks had spacing between their upper incisors and may not have been able to conquer the spacing without the help of orthodontics. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the benefits,...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene, Public Health
Digital dentistry at the Chico VA with Dr. Ginger Chan
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we welcome Dr. Ginger Chan from the Chico California Veterans Administration dental clinic.   Dr. Chan attended the University of California, Berkeley for her undergrad education, before moving on to the University of California, San Francisco for her...  Read More
Categories: Public Health
A Tale of Two Practices, with Dr. Nazila Bidabadi
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we welcome to the podcast Dr. Nazila Bidabadi! As the chief cosmetic dentist at Soft Touch Dentistry, Dr. Bidabadi’s reputation for dental excellence has earned her a position as a clinical instructor at the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine,...  Read More
AGD 2022 Live, with Dr. Eric Wong
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we recorded onsite at the 2022 AGD Show in Orlando Florida live with Dr. Eric Wong, MAGD! Dr. Wong is a graduate of University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry and was in private practice in Sacramento, CA for 20 years.  He is...  Read More
Providing Culturally Competent Care
Interprofessional Collaboration
Cultivating Your Vision for Your Practice Part 1, with Drs. Cary and Jonathan Limberakis
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast we interview the father-son duo, Dr. Cary Limberakis and Dr. Jonathan Limberakis. Since 1980, Dr. Cary J. Limberakis has been working in southeastern Montgomery and Bucks Counties to provide the best dental care for his patients. His experience in...  Read More
"Your Patient is the Most Important Person in the Room," by Dr. Alan Kaplan
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we interview the acclaimed Dr. Alan Kaplan, known for his kindness, generosity, and world-class technique, onsite at Keating Dental Lab! Dr. Kaplan graduated from the University of Florida's College of Dentistry in 1976, where he made history as the...  Read More
Teamwork makes the Dream Work: The Team Approach with Dr. Shawn Casey
On this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, we interview Dr. Shawn Casey. Dr. Casey was a 1987 graduate of Wyoming Area. After graduating with high marks, he began his studies at Wilkes University. Through these studies he realized his dream of practicing dentistry in the Wyoming Valley, which he...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric, Public Health
Make Room For Emergency Vehicles!!
Make room for emergency vehicles!! Are your Fire Lanes marked? Are they free of obstacles? These are both apart of your inspection. Not only would you get a fine but you could also cost emergency personnel valuable time responding to an incident! #msdssafety #tipoftheday #healthcare #protocol  Read More
File Cabinets
Today's Inspection Tip is about your file cabinets! The OSHA file cabinets must be locked! The only person who should have access to the OSHA file cabinets are the OSHA coordinator and/or the Dentist. The OSHA file cabinets should also contain the Hepatitis B Vaccination or Declination papers and...  Read More
Show Off Your Name!
Show off your name!! Licensed dentist, shall conspicuously display their name at the entrance of the office (this includes dentists employed). The DDS or DMD needs to come after the name. Make sure your state doesn't mandate not only your name. You've earned your title! So put it on the building!!   Read More
Laundry Day!
Laundry Day! Another Inspection Protocol tip includes a washer on premises. Your onsite washer can be used as a laundry bin. The washer door must be kept closed at all times! OSHA doesn’t care about the dryer. Helpful Measures: -Your onsite washer can be used as a laundry bin.  - Clean your lint...  Read More
Personalized Respiratory Protection Program Manual
For those who feel we will be into more stronger variances! MsdsSafety offers a Personalized Respiratory Protection Program Manual for the Dental Healthcare Provider! This instruction sets forth guidelines for establishing and implementing an OSHA respirator program. The purpose of the respirator...  Read More
First Aid!!!
First Aid!! A first aid kit needs to be available for the amount of staff on duty. All first aid kits must state that they are ANSI and OSHA approved. Sam’s Club has a great one for 24.99. You can also order any item you have used from our website to restock: If your office is a sedation office,...  Read More
Who Knows the Codes?
Who knows the codes?  Alarm codes and locks need to be changed whenever a staff member has retired, terminated, or a code is compromised. - Do make sure the alarm codes for each  staff are not easy to guess - Do make sure your Confidential Employee Pledge has your alarm/password policy.   -...  Read More
Talking Shop with Dr. Thomas Hirsch, Zyris Founder and Board Member
On this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, we talk with Dr. Thomas Hirsch, the Founder of Zyris, formerly known as Isolite. Dr. Hirsch has been living and practicing dentistry in Malibu, California, for more than 30 years. His high-tech practice specializes in cosmetic, restorative and implant...  Read More
CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) LATEST INSIGHTS A live roundup of the latest data and trends about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from the ONS and other sources. North West has almost 10% coronavirus (COVID-19) positivity 14 January 2022 The North West of England has the highest percentage of people...  Read More
Inspection Tip of the Tip
Inspection Tip of the Day Are all portable heaters equipped with automatic safety shut-off devices? With the winter temperatures getting colder many may bring in heaters to keep them warmer. But make sure that all heaters have automatic safety shut-off! Portable heaters should also be unplugged...  Read More
DR. STEVE JAMES: I'D SACRIFICE MY JOB OVER VACCINE MANDATES PT2 What made him speak out was the sense that the debate was being stifled, even among NHS workers: What got me going the most was knowing that the voices of colleagues are not being heard… For the last month or two colleagues have been...  Read More
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