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Ask Sandy Anything!
In this episode we dive into our Facebook group: Dental Gumbo and answer questions you have asked Sandy in the recent weeks. Sandy answers and discusses these 3 main questions:          How early to confirm appointments?                How do you deal with assistants or hygienists not showing...  Read More
#24 - Which Star Wars Character Would Make the Best Hygienist?
There are many Star Wars characters who have the necessary characteristics to be a successful dental hygienist, but which characters would make the best hygienist? Join the Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the most common traits of successful hygienists and which Star Wars characters should...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
GROWTH AND LEADERSHIP: Productive Downtime
Categories: Hygiene
#23 - Han Solo and Student Loan Debt
Han Solo went from orphan to smuggler to Rebel Alliance hero, and in between he became indebted to Jabba the Hutt. Dental school debt is something most dentists have to deal with, so what parallels can be drawn between dental students and Han Solo? And what lessons can be learned from General Solo?...  Read More
The 10 Key Elements for 2023
Lately in the last week or two people are thinking ahead and what they’ll do differently in 2023. And we love it! In this episode Sandy gives us 10 key principles we MUST upgrade or improve within our practice! They are:          Low retention rate.               Too many broken appointments....  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
#22 - Kylo Ren and Oral Hygiene Habits
Kylo Ren was busy as Master of the Knights of Ren, as Supreme Leader of the First Order, and plotting to kill old men. So it makes sense that he may have neglected his home care. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to teach Kylo Ren good oral hygiene habits and ways to maintain them. Whether you are...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
PATIENT CARE: State of Mind with Kate Vazquez
Categories: Hygiene
Honest, Affordable, Quality Dentistry with Dr. Josh Wyatt
Good morning and welcome back to the Dental Lab Podcast. I'm Bob Brandon, the general manager here at Keating Dental Lab, and today we are honored to have Dr. Josh Wyatt from South Tampa Dentistry. Dr. Wyatt, good morning. Hey, good morning, Bob. How.  We're rolling right along here. We're super...  Read More
#21 - Qui-Gon Jinn and Spiritual Strength
Qui-Gon Jinn had a strong connection to the Force and a strong interest in helping others in the galaxy. He epitomized spiritual strength. What can dental professionals learn from Qui-Gon about spiritual stength and becoming part of something greater than ourselves?  Whether you are a Star Wars...  Read More
PATIENT CARE: The Basics on Oral PH
Categories: Hygiene
Everything Removable + Keating'$ Customer $ervice
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we sit down with Alex Castanedo of the Removable and Customer Service teams here at Keating Dental Lab. We provide tips on impression taking and bite registrations for removable prosthetics, and discuss orthotics and dental sleep apnea appliances....  Read More
Innobyte - Bite Force Measurement
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we sit down with Frederik Marcil, President, CEO, and Founder of Kube Innovations, and the engineer of the Innobyte.  Today he provides a quick overview of the technology and discusses how bite force is a new biometric standard.  We also discuss how bite...  Read More
#20 - Rey and Mental Strength
Rey used her mental strength to help defeat and redeem Kylo Ren, to destroy Palpatine, and to become a leader in the Resistance. Why is mental strength important for dentists and how can dentists improve theirs? Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the stresses of dentistry and ways to...  Read More
CAD/CAM Dentistry with Dr. Chip Parrish
  On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Chip Parrish:  he practices with his wife Dr. Jennifer Parrish in the heart of the beautiful Texas hills country.  Parrish Dentistry provides most types of dental treatment from orthodontics to endodontics, from implant dentistry to...  Read More
#19 - Anakin Skywalker and Physical Strength
Anakin Skywalker's physical fitness and strength were definite advantages during his time as a Jedi, but in what ways is physical fitness beneficial to dental professionals? Join Star Wars School of Dentistry for tips on maintaining a long, successful dental career with good physical fitness. ...  Read More
GROWTH AND LEADERSHIP - The Confident Clinician
Categories: Hygiene
Frost Dental Group - 70 Years Strong!
On this episode of the Dental UP Podcast, we interview Dr. Lee Frost, owner of Frost Dental Group, which has been in business continuously for 70 years!  That's right, 70 years!!  Located in Rutherford, NY, Dr. Lee Frost took over the practice from his father 38 years ago, and has faithfully...  Read More
#18 - Which Star Wars Character Would Make the Best Dentist?
Many Star Wars characters possess the same traits necessary to be a successful dentist, but which character in Star Wars is best suited to be a dentist? Join the Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss which traits successful dentists have and which characters should consider a career in...  Read More
Senior Technical Advisor at Keating Dental Lab
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we discuss with Barry McGinnis the Senior Technical Advisor at Keating Dental Lab, some of the most common issues he sees with fixed crown and bridge cases.  We highlight prep design, impression taking,  and interocclusal clearance, and what to look for in...  Read More
#17 - Poe Dameron and Malocclusion
Poe Dameron may have taken on a First Order dreadnought by himself, but is he willing to take on his malocclusion in order to repair his smile? Join Poe and the Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the risks of malocclusion (incorrect tooth alignment) and the benefits of orthodontics.  Whether...  Read More
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