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Dental Case Presentation Formula with Eric Vickery
Case Presentation Formula Vickery    Read More
The Functional RDH with Amber Auger
Categories: Hygiene
#40 - Ewoks and Orthodontics
Ewoks were native to the Forest Moon of Endor and helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire. However, most Ewoks had spacing between their upper incisors and may not have been able to conquer the spacing without the help of orthodontics. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the benefits,...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene, Public Health
Dental Embezzlement and Misplaced Trust
Our blog pages have hundreds dental embezzlement stories involving misplaced trust.  The majority of the those embezzlers were once TRUSTED employees, who after years of service, began swindling the practice.  To “cook the books”, those embezzlers needed three essential ingredients that are...  Read More
Howard Speaks: Keep Your Eye on the Ball
What do dentists and construction workers What do dentists and construction workers have in common? They don’t buy the income stream they need and buy a $20,000 skid steer when what they really needed was at least a $40,000 backhoe, better with a $60,000 dozer, or just get er’ done with a...  Read More
How a Biopsychosocial Assessment Could Help with Dental Health
A biopsychosocial assessment is a comprehensive approach to understanding an individual's health and well-being. It takes into account the biological, psychological, and social factors that can impact a person's overall health. When it comes to dental health, a biopsychosocial assessment would...  Read More
AACD’s State of the Dental Industry with Mike DiFrisco
State of the Dental Industry DiFrisco    Read More
Is a Dental Consultant Worth It? with Larry Guzzardo
Is a dental consultant worth it? L. Guzzardo    Read More
The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch
The Last Lecture Randy Pausch    Read More
#39 - Kino Loy and Wisdom Teeth
Kino Loy was a floor manager in the Imperial prison on Narkina 5 and eventually helped lead the prisoner escape when it seemed impossible. At times it seems impossible to remove some wisdom teeth, but all hope is not lost. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the importance of removing...  Read More
Swipe Right with Amanda Hill
Categories: Hygiene
#38 - Maz Kanata and Magnification
Maz Kanata was the pirate queen and collected many trinkets and treasures during her journeys through the Star Wars galaxy. Also, she has seen many things in the galaxy with the help of her magnification glasses. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of...  Read More
Why Data Analytics are Important for a Dental Practice
Data analytics can help a dental office in several ways, including:     Identifying patient trends: Dental offices can use data analytics to identify patterns in patient visits, treatment outcomes, and other relevant data. By analyzing this data, the office can gain insights into patient...  Read More
#37 - Gamorreans and Underbites
Gamorreans have served Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, and they are great warriors. They are also known for their very pronounced underbites, also known as Class III malocclusion. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the risks of having an underbite and the treatment options to correct it. ...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
The Psychology of Insurance Freedom with Eric Vickery
Psychology Insurance Freedom Vickery    Read More
The Patient Experience and Technology with Ryan White
Patient Experience Technology Ryan White     Read More
10 Steps to Starting a Dental Practice
Starting a dental practice can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Here are some general steps to consider when starting a dental practice:     Develop a Business Plan: Create a comprehensive business plan that outlines your practice goals, mission statement, financial projections, marketing...  Read More
#36 - Obi-Wan Kenobi and Oral Cancer Awareness
Obi-Wan Kenobi was a Jedi Knight who lived in solitude for many years and may have neglected his oral healthcare. He may have also missed any signs and symptoms of oral cancer by not having an oral cancer screening. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to learn about oral cancer signs, symptoms, risk...  Read More
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