Sandy Pardue, Consultant/Classic Practice Resources
Sandy Pardue, Consultant/Classic Practice Resources
Management and Organizational solutions for dental practices.
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What Is Your Team Saying About You When You Aren't Around?
Have you ever wondered what your team really thinks of you as a leader? If not, you should. Sandy Pardue talks to us exactly how we can become a better leader for our employees. She also lets us know how we can become friends with our team members but still keep that high level of respect that...  Read More
How to Get Your Patient's Cheeks Back in Your Seats
Not every single re-care appointment will show up exactly when they are supposed to. This sucks because it also leads you to try and market more for new patients. So step back a bit and build a system to improve your reactivation process. In this episode Sandy Pardue gives us a proven system that...  Read More
12 Best Practices to Implement in 2022
Here are the 12 Best Practices Sandy discusses with detail:             Look back at 2021 and review it. What worked well and what didn’t work.             Keep score.             Sharpen your skills. Take CE. Implement it. (Edit the part out where she repeats it)             Zest up your...  Read More
Top 10 Human Resources Mistakes
HR issues are probably the thing Sandy Pardue hears the most about when consulting with practices. Therefore in this episode she breaks down the top 10 HR mistakes she has seen, heard, and witnessed. She also gives us the solution for each mistake. Listen closely, more than likely you have either...  Read More
Top 5 Ways to Increase Hygiene Profitability
Listen Here: Sandy Pardue gives us a list of 5 things we need to review ASAP to make sure we are getting the absolute most out of our hygiene department. 1. Learn what procedures are not being performed. 2. Set goals JUST for your hygienist 3. Learn how to pay your hygienist  4. Do a "Hygiene...  Read More
The Perfect Verbal Skills to Get 5 Star Reviews
Listen Here: In this episode Sandy Pardue let's us know how there is so much more that happens besides just "asking" for a review... and sometimes we don't even ask! So  in this episodes we break down the steps. A couple things you want to do is: Boost the confidence of your team. Make sure your...  Read More
Listen Here:  Here are a couple things you want to do: You need a time clock software. (Sandy recommends a software) Don’t give everyone access to change their time clock. Create a policy, and be super specific in this policy. (Sandy gives us great examples). What to say if someone still violates...  Read More
The last thing you want to do in 2022 is play catch up or start off slow. And you especially don't want your team knowing or feeling it is slow! We discuss: 1.Invest 139 dollars in a book called: National Dental Advisory Service.  2.Keep educating patients. Most practices have another practice...  Read More
Should You Charge Existing Patients for Broken Appointments?
This was a VERY hot topic so  and I decided to dive further into it and even provide you with scripts and cancellation policies to format and say. However, we need to understand that broken appointments WILL happen but it should not be the norm. We need to also understand that charging patients...  Read More
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